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Developmental Continuum
  Youth Service
    Youth is an age of change and decisions.
    We provide computerized exploration of interests and aptitude to help in decision for future study.  For youth with special needs, we conduct Enrichment Program for preparation into adulthood.
    Our Youth Program aims at:
  • Being able to exert judgment in daily activities and being able to take care of themselves.
  • Awareness of common hazards and being able to take appropriate action for safety and effectiveness.
  • Able to adopt appropriate social interaction with peers and different age groups.
  • Able to develop skills for future study or vocational pursuit, if possible.
  • Able to develop own interest and able to engage in meaningful leisure activities.
  • Able to develop relationship with family members and relevant others.
  Adult and Elderly Service
    For adults with special needs, we provide support and training for independent living or help them reach optimal independence.
    For adults whose functions are interrupted due to trauma or illness, we would create Rehabilitation Programs appropriate for their condition to regain their function.
  • If the condition should be chronic, apart from rehabilitation for restoring function, they may also need adaptive devices or modification of environment to ensure optimal independence and level of functioning.
    Our matured adults have the asset of rich repertoire of life experience and are at an age of consolidation.  Some of them may be subjected to declining physical and/or cognitive functioning.
    Rehabilitation for the elderly will be aimed at:
  • Optimizing physical functions.
  • Memory and cognitive training to maintain cognitive function.
  • Improving independence and if necessary, to facilitate compensatory techniques.
  • Development of interest and leisure activities.
  • Training of relatives or careers in better understanding of our matured adults and ensure life to be as meaningful as possible.

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