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Functional Rehabilitation

Burns/surgical scar

    Scarring maybe the result of burns or scalds, skin grafts or surgical scars.

Problems includes hypertrophy of scar tissue, joint contracture and disfigurement, limitation of active and passive movement as well as psychological adjustment problem.
    Pressure therapy:
    To minimize effect of hypertrophy of scar tissue by application of pressure on affected areas. Pressure is achieved by means of made-to-measure pressure garment with inserts either of paddings or conformers.

The first visit would involve decision for the type of pressure garment according to the location of the scar. E.g. if the scar is at the axilla, the pressure garment would need to be a double-short-sleeved jacket; whereas a sleeve tube would suffice if the scar is on the forearm. Measurement will be taken at the first visit.

At the second visit, clients will be fitted with the pressure garment and given instructions on how long to wear it for, precautions, washing, etc.

Pressure paddings and /or conformers may be given on the second visit or later, depending on the “ferocity” of the affected site.

As pressure therapy is a rather complicated modality, follow-up visits would be more frequent during the initial 1~2 months, usually once every 1~2 weeks. For infants, the follow-up may even by 2~3 days. After the initial period, when it is more certain that clients are able to manage quite safely, follow-up will be monthly.

Scars will mature eventually, when pressure garment will not be required anymore. This would usually take a minimum of 9 months, but some clients had needed to wear pressure garments for up to 3 years.
    For scars at or over joint areas, it is important that clients perform mobilization, passive and/or active mobilization, as specified by the therapists.
    To prevent joint contracture and deformities, sometimes it is necessary for clients to wear splints, either active or passive, for night or day use, according to advice from doctors and therapists.
    Psychological counseling:
    Some clients are distressed by the appearance of the scars, the “tediousness” of pressure therapy and splintage, etc. Our therapists are fully aware of these difficulties and are ready and willing to talk about these problems with our clients.

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