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Developmental Continuum

Kid Power

    We believe in early intervention. That a person’s ability should be optimized as early as possible, according to their innate ability and preference.
    We believe a child with well balanced development in all aspects is a happy child; and that a happy child is ready to LEARN new things.
    We provide developmental assessment and functional training programs, as early as possible, to help our future generation to:
  • overcome and enhance their weaknesses, not to avoid and compensate;
  • as well as to develop their strengths at the same time, but not to just rely on these at the expense of neglecting their weaknesses.
Infant Simulation Program:
  Infancy is the time of most rapid development and shapes how the person would understand and interact with the world in future.




Appropriate stimulation program would help a baby to explore the surrounding world, interact with nature’s force such as gravity, sound, light and touch, and interact with other people.




It would help the baby to develop gross motor, fine motor abilities, as well as adaptive and social skills.


Integrated Program for Child Development:




Many of our special needs children are described as “out-of-synch”.



John is able to remember every bus route on the map but have difficulty in reading and writing.

Mary is able to tell the day of the week of any date, but show difficulty with the mathematics questions.


They may, or may not, have been diagnosed as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, PDD, ADHD, LD, etc.




At Elite RCS, we do not work with labels. To us they are all bright kids who have their individual strengths as well as weaknesses and difficulty in coping with demands in their environment.


We see them as having difficulty with piecing their world together by integrating inputs through their various senses. Thus affecting their understanding of the world around them and of others’ demands. This “mismatch” often leads to behavioral or emotional problems.


We adopt an eclectic approach in our training program and include some or all of the following aspects:

  • Sensory integration – Helps in processing and integrating various sensory inputs, including vestibular, proprioception and tactile sensations, visual and auditory senses as well as modulation in order to achieve an optimal status of calm alertness and ready to learn or achieve adapted response.

  • Skills training – Training in specific skills, such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, reading and writing, oro-motor skills, oculo-motor skills, etc.

  • Perceptual training – Training in spatial relationship and concepts.

  • Self care skills training – Training in activities of daily living improves their understanding of themselves and the outside world.

  • Social skills training – To improve social awareness and understanding of interpersonal relationship and interaction skills.

  • Behavioral approach – To modify behavior by engaging theories of behavior approach

  • CranioSacral Therapy – A gentle hands-on approach that regulates the craniosacral system in order to release restrictions in the body so that the body can achieve a state of calm alertness.


We work hand-in-hand with families to enhance family relationship and to assist child to take up an appropriate role.


We also work with schools to enhance understanding of child’s strength and weakness.


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